Bristol Pub Imperial Pint

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This 20 oz glass comes from our European friends as their take on the standard pint glass.  This imperial pint (Nonic Pint) has one glaring difference, and that would be the bump around towards the top of the glass. This bump is designed so that when your glass becomes slippery with condensation, it helps you keep a grip on your glass so you wont drop it and break it!

Bristol logo and "The Bristol Pub" branded on this glass.

Why the Imperial pint glass?
Like its close relative the American pint glass, the imperial pint glass is all-purpose. Unlike its U.S. counterpart, however, the imperial pint holds a full 20 ounces.

Appropriate Beer Styles
Consider it your basic, go-to glass for British ales and lagers like pale ale, India pale ale, amber/red ale, brown ale, porter, milk stout, oatmeal stout, Scotch ale

*Hand wash this to get the longest life out of your glass.